Delivery Information

We at Yuvashop will most definitely ensure that your purchased goods reach you safe and on time. We would hate to be late or improper in our services. We completely understand the value of delivering goods on time as goods could be required for an important occasion or simply to meet a necessity. On time delivery is our major motto and we live by it. To make sure we live up to our promises of timely delivery, we have selected the best courier facilities along with top courier channels to deliver your goods at the right time and in a proper condition.

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We believe in giving satisfactory and quality service to our customers, which involves speedy delivery and quality goods. We value your trust in us and we strive to have the goods delivered to you in an impeccable and flawless condition.

Your purchased order will reach your doorstep maximum within 7 to 9 working days of placing the order. However, there is a slight possibility that the delivery may take slightly more time to reach remote locations or far-off addresses. Also, on national holidays, times of natural calamities, strikes and emergency scenarios, delivery might be delayed without prior information because these circumstances remain beyond our control.

However, we at Yuvashop will try our best to provide you the goods on time if sudden situations or natural calamities can be manageable or under control. Even though we try our level best to maintain a timely delivery schedule, we would appreciate your cooperation if it is delayed due to situations we cannot help alter.

Our customer service is always happy to help you in keeping a track of your delivery. We realise how important it is for the customer to know the status and location of the goods as they have paid a sum for the same. All that buyers need to do is simply provide the customer service agent with the purchase ID which will be provided to the customers during the purchase of the goods and we shall update you about the delivery status of your goods.

We have the best and most secure means to deliver your order; however, the transit conditions can sometimes damage the goods. Unforeseen accidents or events will only be the reasons for unintentional damage to the goods. Although, Yuvashop team will try its best to avoid such circumstances but if such an issue arises co operation is expected.

In case of receiving damaged or wrong goods, feel free to contact us and bring it to our notice at the earliest. Also, our return policies are designed to rectify any faults that occur after delivery too. Quality service and goods, and complete customer satisfaction – this is the motto that every Yuvashop team member religiously follows while catering to your needs.