Return Policy

Yuvashop is intended to be a one-stop destination of the youth for shopping. This website is majorly created and crafted keeping in mind the convenience and the updated form of shopping preferred specially for the youth of today who want to get things done quicker and prefer purchasing from the digital sources for various reasons. Needless to say, we strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction at all times.

However, to err is human, and we are simply human too. So in the rarest of circumstances when we fail or fall back on delivering your purchased product the way you ordered it, then you can simply return it to us. The procedure and the rules of returning the goods is not a troublesome one. The process is very easy and simple to understand as we value the precious time of the customers. All you have to do is log into our website and place a request to return the goods.

However, our return policies are slightly stringent and we adhere to them strictly. Return requests cannot be completed if:

-       The request for returning a particular product is submitted after the prescribed number of days.

-       The return policy does not apply to the goods if the damage to the product is caused due to rough handling and not faulty transportation.

-       If the label, invoice and original packing is not retained.

-       If the product is asked to be replaced after usage as post usage the return policy cannot be followed as the damage can also be caused due to not following instructions for using the product.

-       The size selected by you is inappropriate and you request for it to be exchanged.

-       Anything is amiss from the package you receive, which includes freebies, labels and accessories.


When you file a request for return of goods, you will receive an email which will guide you through the process of returning the goods. Our team will do everything in our power to make the transaction easy and comfortable for you. We shall have the product picked up by our team from the provided address.

Lastly, although we do not refund the money, we make sure that your shopping experience is not a bad one. So in that case, if we fail to replace your unsatisfactory product, we credit an equal amount of value to your Yuva wallet which can be redeemed on other purchases. This system has been specially set up for the people who may have certain issues with the product due to mistakes from both ends. This service is only available for online payment and not cash-on-delivery. You will receive an email confirming the amount being added to your wallet.